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Notas > We continue working in Bolivia | May, 14 2012

Blangino in Bolivia

Around 10,000 people visited the first version of the International Fair of Construction, Architecture and Design. There were 120 exhibitors in the event and generated about US$ 5 million in business deals.

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Notas > Blangino in Punto a Punto Journal´s \"The Entrepreneur of the Year\" event | January, 11 2012

Juan Blangino Trajectory Award

On Saturday December 17th, at the Convention Center of the Quorum Córdoba Hotel the 2011 Best Entrepreneurs Awards was carried out by Punto a Punto, the most recognized business magazine in Córdoba, Argentina. We were there to receive the Trajectory Award and enjoy with the leading entrepreneurs of Cordoba this long-awaited event. We thank the organizers for the recognition and we want to share with you some photos and notes. Pictures: Punto a Punto Magazine December 2011 Special Edition issue 723

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Buenos Aires December 2nd , 2011 - The official presentation of pilots team, Luciano Gagliardi and Jose Antonio Blangino, was carried out on Friday night at the premises of 3H CARPAS company driving their UTV.

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Notas > De la Sota and Nalbandian opened a health center in Unquillo | December, 12 2011

Special collaboration with Nalbandian Foundation

Governor Jose Manuel De la Sota opened today in Unquillo a rehabilitation center next to David Nalbandian athlete who, through his foundation, funded the construction of the building.

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Notas > The architect Gustavo Pelaez tells you its features, moreover gives you a guide to learn how to place and maintain them. | October, 19 2011

Coatings: return of granite and limestone floors

Previously, it is best to paint the back of each tile with a mixture of cement and water to improve adherence. Then you need to apply grout cautiously to avoid staining the tile and wipe with a cloth to remove any excess. This grout must be applied to the tile with a spatula. The polishing must be carried out color by color. Once the coating was placed, it is cured by repeated washing with soap to remove stains. Afterwards, apply a mop soaked with diluted kerosene in water (the ratio is 1 to 1) Finally, apply the first coat of wax (must be in paste) Source: http://www.espacioliving.com

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Notas > October, 01 2011

Expocasa Bolivia 2011

The prestigious company BLANGINO following their steps towards exporting, opened a new representative in Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia) which added to the existing in Montevideo (Uruguay) expands its business portfolio outside Argentina.

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Notas > October, 01 2011

Blangino toured around China and Spain

The company, specialized in flooring, attended the biggest construction fairs in China and Barcelona, where the latest trends, developments and construction equipment were exhibited.

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