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We continue working in Bolivia - May, 14 2012

Blangino in Bolivia

Around 10,000 people visited the first version of the International Fair of Construction, Architecture and Design. There were 120 exhibitors in the event and generated about US$ 5 million in business deals.

Blangino in Bolivia

Four days were enough to prove the success of the first version of the International Fair of Construction, Architecture and Design (FICAD). The meeting, organized by the Architects Association of Santa Cruz and Fexpocruz, exceeded all expectations.

The FICAD was not only attended by 120 exhibitors from different fields of construction, architecture and design, but brought around 10,000 visitors in the four days of the fair.

To this we must add that it generated about $ 5 million in business deals, such a success for a fair of its kind.

The event was attended by products and services exhibitors from different areas. In the 9,000 Sq m. exhibitors could expose heavy machinery and equipment, tools, paints, coatings, building materials, ornaments, decorative materials, ironwork, finance services, real estate and others.

"It's a dream we had had for a long time and we have achieved," said Safar Sakkal Rim, president of the Architects Association of Santa Cruz.

The architect Safar stressed the alliance between the collegiate and Fexpocruz. "The combined entities have developed a successful business like this," he added, at the same time commented that the goal is that this event will grow year by year.

Source: http://www.cascz.org/noticia/la-ficad-fue-todo-un-exito




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