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Summer Events - January, 30 2012

Blangino and "La Mole Moli" in Carlos Paz

Our friend Fabio "Mole" Moli was in Villa Carlos Paz sharing a nice summer day with Mosaics Blangino, of course!

Blangino and "La Mole Moli" in Carlos Paz

On Saturday January 28th Favio "la Mole" Moli accompanied, as it always does, the factory Mosaicos Blangino in a summer event which attracted local and foreign tourists. Between jokes and laughter everybody there participated in a contest, where the well-known tiles brand gave over 300 prizes: Tarps, T-shirts and caps to enjoy the beach and the river. Undoubtedly the best gift that people took was the Fabio´s autograph and embrace. He got together with friends, football stars from Cordoba and they did not hesitate in playing a match to entertain spectators!



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