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The Company

Mosaicos Blangino is dedicated to the production of indoor and outdoor granite floors, tiles of all types and many other products. From Monte Cristo, Córdoba we manufacture thousands of units which decorate houses and large buildings throughout Argentina and other countries nowadays.

  • Operations started in 1966

  • Premises surface: 8.8 hectares (88,000 Sq. m)

  • Building surface: 1.4 hectares (14,000 Sq. m)

  • Technology: Italian Automatic Machinery

  • Production capacity: 11,500 Sq. m per day 

  • Staff: 350 workers


The factory is based at Ruta 19 km 313 in Monte Cristo, Córdoba Province, Argentina. The 88,000 Sq m of our premises (with a building surface of ??14,000sq.m) combine first-class raw materials, Italian machinery and the professionals and workers expertise.

Blangino Tiles´ History

Juan Bautista Norberto Blangino was born on September 9th in 1940 in a Dutch community, in Cordoba countryside. In 1952 he moved with his parents to Monte Cristo town. Discouraged by the social conflicts that were happening in our country and with his known entrepreneurship, he accepted a manual execution rocker press that his uncle offered him.

He started making tiles with a few instructions on the weekends. Later a former co-worker taught him the basics that led him to found his own tiles factory. 

 In 1966 the tiles factory set at his own home, in a 5 Sq m mall shed that he built. In 1977 he bought a lot where the current factory is located nowadays and built the first shed.A year later Blangino purchased the first hydraulic press from Italy, so in this way processes could be automatized and production grew.

Workers´ expertise, has allowed them to get high-end and optimal products as market demands. The company kept growing and despite that circumstances were not promising, Juan Blangino relied on his intuition and built the second shed, adding up to 57,000 Sq m and 6,000 Sq. mThe company turned nation-wide recognized and became larger thanks to hard-working and dedicated people.

In 2006, Mosaicos Blangino turned 40 years old. In 2007 the firm acquired a state of the art Italian machine and nearly 100 workers joined to the company. 

 Today it is still the leader in production capacity, quality and innovation. This factory impacts on nearly 400 families and its products are distributed throughout the country to enhancing the most versatile Argentinean landscapes.

Vision, Mission and Objectives


Our Vision

"Being the leader in flooring and paneling, through the development of sustainable products in order to the world evolves with a solid foundation for next generations."


Values of our company

  1. Commitment: We believe that our growth is based on a commitment to work, so we focus on three fundamental points of our process:

_ Careful selection of raw materials, obtaining quality from the scratch.

_ Fulfillment of delivery times keeping an affordable and competitive price.

_ Continuing training of our human resources and integrating global technologies.

  • Humbleness: we keep a consistent profile based on what we are, what we accomplished and what we want to achieve,improving and constantly testing ourselves. 

  •  Honesty is the mainstay of our growth, and we apply it to each commercial transaction made, responding the same way with all the resources of our company.

Our Mission

"Providing solutions to all our clients, becoming the best choice in regard to quality, state of the art, support and service, considering the welfare and development of our stakeholders and society as a whole"


Our Goals

  •  Achieve remarkable quality products on the market.

  •  Meet the needs of our clients in the practical and aesthetic way, creating and innovating constantly to keep up with new trends.

  •  Partnering with the best suppliers in the world to give our products added value that turns into benefits for our customers and company personnel.

  •  Increase our market share, nationally and globally.

  •  To be recognized and chosen as the best employer in the region.

  •  Provide our employees the opportunity to grow with the company.

  •  Promote responsible actions toward natural resources and society itself.

Quality and Environment



Our tiles factory carries out demanding raw materials selection based on several characteristics, such as control of stone grains, colors, proportions, grain measurement (sieving), cleaning, firmness, and others. 

The most important analysis is performed on:

  •  Colors: control of solubility and tone, settlement degree, etc. 

  •  Cement: tone of each item, periodic evaluations of strength, silos deposits of 70 tons, each, to avoid the use of hot cement that affects the floor production.


Our materials testing laboratory and our years of experience, determine the exact mix by weight and volume of all raw materials, to obtain the best quality.


To achieve a substantial improvement on floors, different additives are included in each dosage: waterproofing, fluidizing, bridges adherents, accelerators, and others.


We use the most advanced machinery of the world for the manufacture and granite floors polishing. The linear polishers have 6 and 8 heads, two of them with diamond hoops rough polishing and the rest with abrasive stones with different finishes. This delivers polished floors, ready to use in any type of work.


The steam curing chambers is the technique that allows rapid forging and hardening of tiles, increasing their resistance. Thus, the manufacturing is done in a shorter time (faster) and with an excellent finish. This prevents drying energy consumption and waste of resources.


 A strict selection of finished products, discards all material which could be erratic in its completion, and a team of civil engineers and chemists supported by our laboratory, performs quality control according to IRAM 1522: 

  • Wear

  • Shock
  • Flexion

  • Absorption

Iram Rules 1522 (Only Argentina)

The IRAM is a non-profit civil organization. Its members are organizations representing the three sectors of interest involved in the activities of standardization and conformity assessment:

  • General Interests: Entities or persons who by nature of their activities may be considered unrelated to profit interests, unions or corporations.

  • Production: Entities whose main activity is producing character extraction or processing or the provision of services.

  • Consumption: Organizations which defend consumers. The running head of IRAM is its Board of Directors, which for the purpose of preserving the interests balance is continuously composed of equal parts of representatives of each of the three sectors listed above.

The financial resources come mainly from the IRAM corporate contributions made by different categories of members, and for providing several services related to the specific purposes set in its statute. 

 Currently there are more than 100 people working at IRAM, and around 60% are professionals from different disciplines.


Caring for natural resources is a subject that we are interested in, so we try to conserve these resources and take the necessary actions. The water we use to manufacture our products runs in a closed circuit and flows into settling pools to be reused indefinitely. Drying of the tile is performed in forging chambers so we obtained a natural 24 hours drying without emitting gas or toxic waste.

 Our products do not pollute the environment, and the resulting waste is reused as building material.



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