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Loseta 4 Tortugas
CodC117 4TOR

Loseta 4 Tortugas

La vereda Granallada Combinada es una innovación producida por Blangino para satisfacer la necesidad de diseño y vanguardia en pisos para exterior....



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Notas > We continue working in Bolivia | May, 14 2012

Blangino in Bolivia

Around 10,000 people visited the first version of the International Fair of Construction, Architecture and Design. There were 120 exhibitors in the event and generated about US$ 5 million in business deals.

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Events > Summer Events | January, 30 2012

Blangino and "La Mole Moli" in Carlos Paz

Our friend Fabio \"Mole\" Moli was in Villa Carlos Paz sharing a nice summer day with Mosaics Blangino, of course!

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Notas > Blangino in Punto a Punto Journal´s \"The Entrepreneur of the Year\" event | January, 11 2012

Juan Blangino Trajectory Award

On Saturday December 17th, at the Convention Center of the Quorum Córdoba Hotel the 2011 Best Entrepreneurs Awards was carried out by Punto a Punto, the most recognized business magazine in Córdoba, Argentina. We were there to receive the Trajectory Award and enjoy with the leading entrepreneurs of Cordoba this long-awaited event. We thank the organizers for the recognition and we want to share with you some photos and notes. Pictures: Punto a Punto Magazine December 2011 Special Edition issue 723

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Buenos Aires December 2nd , 2011 - The official presentation of pilots team, Luciano Gagliardi and Jose Antonio Blangino, was carried out on Friday night at the premises of 3H CARPAS company driving their UTV.

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 Blangino Mosaics

The Blangino mosaic factory is dedicated to the production of different types of terrazzos for different models of apartments, condos, granite or tile flooring granitic interior and exterior floors or floors these applicable outdoor cement sidewalks or any sidewalk, floor terrazzo of all kinds as rustic tiles, cement tiles, floors, rustic interiors and colored pavers, stone floors washed, calcareous floors, flagstone floors. Coat and Compact JB mosaics.
The Tile Factory is located in Cordoba Argentina Monte Cristo. Our floor terrazzo have excellent quality and finish as the raw materials are subjected to a stringent selection based on different characteristics, such as control of granular stone, colors, proportions, grain size (sieving), cleaning, firmness, and others.

Through our various branches of the sale is made mosaics in Cordoba and around the country.

The granite floors are known for their durability, while other products such as ceramic or porcelain tiles have no recovery, granite tiles through a simple, fast, clean and economical process can be fully recovered in 1 or 2 days depending on its condition. This way you get a bright and sunny apartment of easy maintenance that will look better than the first day you placed.

Remember that our floors are 50 years warranty!






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